Advice From Jay Shetty That Will Help You Find Your Purpose in Life .

Jay’s one of those people that feels like he could be a friend.

When I watch his podcast — On Purpose — I wanna sit down with him and have a cup of tea.

We’re both Brits, after all, so any meeting would have to be accompanied by some tea. (Although, having said that, he lives in L.A. now so he might prefer a green juice instead.)

Silly jokes aside, another reason why I admire him is that he’s clearly found his purpose in life.

It’s normally pretty obvious when someone does. They have an abundance of energy, a laid-back approach, and a consistency that’s hard to beat.

Another on purpose human I admire a lot is Lewis Hamilton, not only because he’s my favourite formula 1 driver but because he’s deeply passionate about his life’s mission.

At the end of a recent interview they shared together, Jay asked Lewis his famous fast five questions that close out all podcast conversations.

The fifth and final question was — “If you had to create one law in the world that everyone had to follow what would it be?”

Lewis Hamilton replied by saying that he’d love a law that created more equality because (in his own words): “no one should be allowed to have billions and there’s enough to go around.”

Then Lewis did something I’ve never seen any other guest do. He asked Jay the same question.

Jay’s response showed not only his own personal journey but why he’s so passionate about what he does:

“If I had to create a law that everyone had to follow, I wish that every child had to learn about emotional mastery in school to understand how to understand other people’s emotions and how to understand their emotions.

And if every child was given that exposure to emotional mastery then people would just have tools to deal with their own pain and someone else’s.”

That’s why he went on to define our purpose in life in two ways:

“Your purpose is something not just that makes you happy, but what you use to serve other people”

Finding purpose for our own happiness

When I discovered the power of my breath and all the wonderful benefits it brought into my life, I wanted to tell everyone about it. Not because I thought everybody should do it but just because I was so excited about what I’d found and experienced.

Joy is contagious like that!

Then when I found a love of writing my purpose really came together because I now had a way to express myself every day.

That’s when I come to learn that true service comes without attachment. There’s no hidden agenda, there’s no pat on the back needed, and there’s no ulterior motive.

We do what we love and we act from the heart.

However, to do this our hearts must be full enough to overflow.

It’s only when it authentically overflows does it feel selfless, energising, and nourishing to others.

When there’s a sense of “I should do this” or “I should do that” then it’s not pure service.

If there’s a hint of a hidden agenda behind our actions people will sniff it out quick sticks.

If I write an article and flood it full of affiliate links, for example, my readers see through my shitty attempts to cover it up and I lose their trust. When I just write about my experiences for the love of writing about them and then invite them to try it for themselves if they’ve been inspired, I often get a much better response.

That’s where finding purpose in life feels so good because there’s no trying anymore. We become the thing we’re selling so giving it away becomes the most natural thing in the world.

Once our purpose is discovered, we serve

I don’t know about you but I haven’t met anyone who’s found their purpose in life and hasn’t wanted to share it with others. It seems that service comes as a part of the deal.

That’s one of the reasons I love being human.

We get to explore why we’re here and then connect with others who are also on a similar path.

In the end, “We’re just walking each other home” as Ram Dass so beautifully said. Finding purpose reminds us of this deeper truth.

The importance of following our bliss

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” — Joseph Campbell

Following what inspires us can be a scary thing but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Along the way, there might be people who choose to question, judge, or even ridicule our path but that’s okay.

As long as we don’t succumb to the three “Cancers of the Mind: Comparing, Complaining, Criticizing” as Jay Shetty warns, we can live a life we want to live and not the life others think we should.

“The more we define ourselves in relation to the people around us, the more lost we are.” — Jay Shetty

So, as Joseph Campbell so wonderfully advised, the best way to know what we want to do in life is to follow what makes us feel most blissful.

In the end, it’s that simple and life’s too short not to have a good time.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” — Joseph Campbell

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